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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Gaming Comments 3

Locked into an ever increasing cycle of Civilisation 4 appreciation it’s with wary interest that I perused the Galactic Civilisation II website (have a look at the latest images and some of the latest blog posts) and related forum threads. I remember the original receiving a favourable PC Gamer UK review but being strangely uninterested in it myself. It’s something of a Penny Arcade favourite though and everything I’ve read and seen from the sequel (due next month) leaves me really rather interested. Whilst I really can’t sustain another title in the same addictive sphere of epic excellence as Civilisation 4, I wouldn’t say no to making the attempt.

The approach of GalCiv 2 (you can’t have a game like this without being able to chop the title down!) also ties in neatly with the upcoming Star Wars: Empire At War, which appears to essentially be a jazzy 3D version of Star Wars: Supremacy (apparently called Rebellion in the US, for christ knows what reason). However unlike Supremacy the focus would seem to have shifted to combat, with full RTS ground combat joining the space combat that’s not really that different to Supremacy’s. It doesn’t look like there’s as much empire building, though it’s obviously rather hard to tell from the demo (and as if I can be buggered to read a preview!). Sadly the entire affair seemed pretty lacklustre to me – the space battle didn’t reach the tense, last ditch affairs of Supremacy (never have so many fights taken place between barely space worthy wrecks!) and the ground battle seemed chaotic and messy. Time will tell though.

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