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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random Gaming Comments 2

The PC is my gaming platform of choice and I only console game because my Xbox was free. Still, I like to keep an eye on that market these days as it has rather large effects on my favoured platform. I just read this first impression of Xbox 360 launch title, Perfect Dark Zero and it sounds pretty much what you’d expect from a day one first person shooter on the first of the next generation consoles. I get the feeling that, more so than ever before, people will be making massive judgements on the next three consoles far too early in their lifecycles. Technologically speaking they’re all pretty much there, presumably around the same level of my new PC infact (I’m too lazy to do ultimately pointless investigation into specifics). The games will take time – we all need a bit more patience.

Outside of completing Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (which I have a review of to post) and playing Battlefield 2 online, I’ve been spending a lot of time gaming in Emulators recently. I go through cycles like this, so I’ve been resuming my game of the Japanese Playstation title Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden, which is fun for a fanboy like myself. It’s nice to be able to read plots & dialogues without a translated FAQ though, so I’m also playing a lot of Final Fantasy 6 for the first time.

I must admit I expected FF6 to be a bit more mature than it is (I was running on the assumption it would balance along the same lines as 7 in terms of tone and dialogue) but it’s been good nonetheless. I do like seeing what they do with the SNES hardware – I think it’s quite fascinating to witness how much developers can get out of old hardware towards the end of its shelf life (there was some really comparatively powerful stuff done on the C64 near the end). After I complete 6 I’m contemplating playing 7 through from the start and finishing the end this time, which is a dangerous road to travel...

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