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Monday, September 26, 2005

Revelations And Beastly Power

Having spent a three day weekend (my last until Christmas, unless I can find a way to fall ill enough to avoid work and yet well enough to do things at home…) full of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction fun on the Xbox and construction, installation and marvel at my new Ultimate Gaming PC I’ve been a bit busy. Another fortnightly parcel of comics arrived before I’d even finished the last one, so I’m having to rethink both my short reviews of them here and the number of titles I actually purchase as singles. I still want to review individual comics reasonably close to when they arrive, because doing that interests me, but I clearly can’t wade through the entire parcel every two weeks. Instead I’m going to have to pick and chose, so I’ll see how that goes this week as I try and write up Parcels 3 and 4.

Some general links and comments. There’s an interview with comics writer Paul Jenkins over at Newsarama where he discusses his approach to writing and guiding the story of the aforementioned Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game. It’s interesting to see storytelling in games discussed by a writer from another medium who has an interest in truly exploring the process in games. I’m not sure I can recommend the Hulk game as a top class example of pushing forward game storytelling, sadly, but at least he’s got the interest.

Over at Ninth Art the ever readable Paul O’Brien has an interesting look at the bookstore numbers of manga, superhero and indie graphic novels over in the US. I must admit to being quite surprised at the numbers on the best selling manga digest. Whilst I have attempted to remain free of the more extreme end of the US manga market hype, I had been happy to hear it was rampantly successful compared to the existing western comics market there. Now it would appear that whilst solid, it’s not quite the explosion everyone had thought. It does make me wonder what the numbers on the average Gundam digest are, as Gundam is hardly a dominating force is the western translated manga market from what I can see.

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