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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The _blacklibrary Opening

This last Saturday was the official opening day of Always Black’s Second Life project, the _blacklibary. Inside the much talked about world of Second Life he’s created a three dimensional version of his website, in the form of a large library. I’d not seen this finished version of the library so it was a good few hours taking the tour, chatting and then hanging around (and messing around) in the library bar. There were many and varied folk with some truly strange Second Life creations being shown off. The following pictures are my own, but there are more on display at the forum thread here, and a mention in the Second Life Herald here. I’m the bald, purple bearded and green glasses wearing chap. In the game. Not in real life. Yet.

Bobsy (the sky pirate and ingame travel journalist) demonstrates to Sweetybearbaby and myself his ability to grow pretty flowers as he walks. He’s “not gay” and he certainly wasn’t naked in the bar later, no sir.

We lounged around in the bar chatting and being attacked by multiple insane flying joints and giant carrots. This was the calm before the storm. Notice poncy crossing of legs by our host.

We later exploded into a fit of jigging (once AB had hooked us up with some streaming net radio music ingame). Bunny ears were a requirement, honest. A better picture of the full jig can be found here.

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