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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Review: Connected, by Steven Shaviro

"Perhaps the most endearing side to Connected, apart from the energy I get from reading the discussion of someone so very much more intelligent than I, is the gift of an enhanced perspective on the nerd's paradise we're all some part of. In his introduction Shaviro lays out his intention to "try to write cultural theory as science fiction". As the Real World, or at least the opportunities within it, bring us closer to Neuromancer or Transmetropolitan this book provides a fascinating investigation of what it all really means. What will society be like ten or twenty years from now?" [Review Link]

My review of Connected, or What It Means To Live in the Network Society, by Steven Shaviro. I took part in an attempt to create a group blog of book reviews called Word Matters, the only criteria being that we read and wrote about two books a month. Sadly we all failed to continue past our first month, but there's still quite a nice selection of reviews up there if you fancy a read.

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