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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Notes: Regarding Diary, by Chuck Palahniuk

The following are the notes I assembled for my never completed review of Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. These are posted here mainly so that I don't lose them, incase I want to actually write up the damn thing.

* CP's writing style is always a pleasure to read but it's generally obvious it's CP
* Danger of falling into self parody
* The topics he covers in all his novels are suitably varied and the characters all rather different and interesting to read
* The "you can make all kinds of explosives from household items" writing seems now to be a bit of a comfort blanket - as if he's convinced this is what makes him different, that this is what makes people keep reading
* I simultaneously want him to change and don't want him to change - I'm just as comforted by the similarities that I enjoy that he is

* Strangely compelling build up
* Weak ending - anti-climax
* Left a little unsure of reality - what really happened and how did things really happen
* Intriguing characters as always, though none of them particularly likeable
* the build up to the end had me reading to the point of sleep deprivation (quite appropriate when reading a CP novel) - it starts a bit slowly, but that doesn't last too long and the rest of the book should grab you and refuse to let go

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