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Monday, August 15, 2005

Gaming Seeds Of Temptation

The universe hates me and wishes to both empty my bank account and fill my shelves with games waiting to be played. In advancement of this, Eurogamer brings me a tempting preview of Burnout: Revenge (which is curiously not Burnout 4, as perhaps that’s being saved for the next-gen consoles). Burnout 3 was one of the first titles I picked up for my free Xbox, lured by tale after tale of its extreme fun. Four copies later and the mysterious alignment of planets caused by a visit from friend Stu enabled me to actually start playing it, a mere three weeks or so ago. I may be a year or two late to the party but damn that’s fun. So yes, looking forward to the next instalment, which looks jolly nice and the changes to the crash mode sound like they’ll make it all a bit more free and a bit less pre-determined.

The other evil temptation is Fahrenheit, which sounds very good indeed (so much so that it needed a second review, apparently). Since Planescape:Torment and Knights Of The Old Republic cemented themselves in my mental “best games ever” list a couple of years ago, I’ve been looking out for some fresh heavily story driven games (important word that) with lots of conversationalising (a word so good that I just invented it). As I’m feeling rather biased towards the Xbox with my recent purchases, I think I’ll be waiting to see the PC Gamer UK review first, and then hopefully getting it for my lovely beige box. Who needs money anyway.

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